Training course on Managing employment disputes effectively in international organizations

News | 13 February 2018
The second edition of the training course on “Managing employment disputes effectively in international organizations” - developed and organized by the Office of the Legal Adviser - was held at the campus of the ILO’s Training Centre in Turin, Italy, from 6 to 8 February 2018. Thirty participants from 24 international organizations, including legal specialists, human resources professionals and staff representatives, attended the three-day course. The resource persons included ILO staff, specialists from several other international organizations (CERN, EPO, IMF, UN, World Bank and WTO) and judges of international administrative tribunals (UNDT, WBAT and NATO AT).

The course, which addresses themes such as dispute prevention and early resolution, informal conflict resolution, internal review, judicial appeals, ethics, and internal investigations, is aimed at enhancing the capacity of international organizations to prevent and manage conflict internally and thereby promote good governance and social harmony. It is targeted at staff involved in conflict prevention and resolution within international organizations.

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