ILO100: Law for Social Justice

International Conference on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the International Labour Organization 

The International Labour Organization was created in the aftermath of the First World War with the ambition of bringing together representatives of governments, employers and workers in the pursuit of the common good, and notably social justice as a prerequisite of universal peace. Tripartism has since become the ILO’s distinctive birthmark that transpires the entire institutional fabric of the Organization.

In its first one hundred years of existence, the ILO has shaped international law in many ways, most notably through adopting the most comprehensive body of international treaties in the field of social and labour rights and putting in place a pioneering system for the supervision of their application.

On the occasion of the ILO’s centenary, the Office of the Legal Adviser organizes an international conference entitled “ILO100: Law for Social Justice” from 15 to 17 April 2019 at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The three-day academic event will be articulated around four thematic areas – philosophy of law, human rights, public international law, and law of international organizations.

Distinguished speakers, including judges of the International Court of Justice, members of the International Law Commission, leading scholars and legal practitioners from other international organizations, will have the opportunity to reflect on current issues of legal theory and practice affecting international institutions against the backdrop of the ILO’s unique contribution to the furtherance of its highest and noblest objective, that is social justice.
  1. The canton of Geneva supports and celebrates the ILO Centenary.