Statements and speeches by the ILO's Director-General

June 2013

  1. © L Guarnieri/Brazil photo press 2020

    Think. Eat. Save

    Statement on the occasion of World Environment Day 2013

    05 June 2013

May 2013

  1. New Delhi

    Statement to the 45th session of the Indian Labour Conference

    18 May 2013

  2. © Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP 2020

    Rights at work

    Statement on International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia

    17 May 2013

    On International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, says the ILO is stepping up efforts to eradicate workplace discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  3. © Munir Uz Zaman / AFP 2020

    Workplace safety

    ILO welcomes accord on Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh

    14 May 2013

    The ILO stands ready to provide appropriate support to the agreement signed by international fashion retailers along with other companies and trade unions to prevent workplace disasters.

  4. UNRISD Conference

    Statement on potential and limits of social and solidarity economy

    06 May 2013

April 2013

  1. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    Video message on "The prevention of occupational diseases"

    28 April 2013

  2. © IMF Photo/Michael Spilotro 2020

    Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF

    Putting jobs at the centre of recovery and sustainable development

    20 April 2013

    Statement by the ILO's Director-General, Guy Ryder, to the International Monetary and Financial Committee and Development Committee.

  3. From Algeria

    Statement at the 40th Arab Labour Conference

    15 April 2013

  4. © Kilian Munch / ILO 2020

    From Oslo

    Closing remarks to the 9th European Regional Meeting

    11 April 2013

  5. © Kilian Munch / ILO 2020

    9th ILO European Regional Meeting

    Remarks at the panel discussion on how to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis

    08 April 2013

    Introductory remarks delivered to the high level panel on "how to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis?", during the 9th ILO European Regional Meeting held in Oslo from 8 to 11 April 2013.
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  6. © Kilian Munch / ILO 2020

    8-11 April 2013

    Opening remarks to the ILO's 9th European Regional Meeting

    08 April 2013

    Statement delivered to Government, worker and employer representatives from 51 European and Central Asian member States gathered in Oslo to discuss the way forward for the region in the context of the continuing financial, economic and social crisis.

March 2013

  1. Gender-based violence

    Remarks at the ILO event to mark International Women's Day 2013

    08 March 2013

    Remarks by the ILO Director-General at the event to mark International Women's Day 2013.

  2. Stop violence against women at work

    Statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day

    08 March 2013

    A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women. Stop violence against women at work.

  3. Statement

    Human rights and the post-2015 agenda: The role of decent work

    01 March 2013

    Introductory remarks delivered by ILO's Director-General to the Human Rights Council at the High level Panel discussion on human rights mainstreaming held in Geneva, on 1 March 2013.

February 2013

  1. © UN Photo/Logan Abassi 2020


    Message for World Day for Social Justice 2013

    20 February 2013

  2. Event

    ILO Director-General’s address to the EUROFOUND Forum 2013

    15 February 2013

  3. Lecture by Guy Ryder

    2013 Edward Phelan Lecture: “Lessons from the Irish internationalist who organized social justice”

    14 February 2013

    Lecture by Guy Ryder on Mr Edward Phelan at the invitation of the National University of Ireland. Guy Ryder described the life and work of Edward Phelan, who was not only the fourth Director of the ILO in 1941, and Director General under its new constitution in 1946, but also the innovator of the ILO 'tripartite' formula. (Watch the video of the lecture or download the written statement in PDF)

January 2013

  1. World Economic Forum in Davos

    Excerpts from interviews of ILO Director-General Guy Ryder

    25 January 2013

  2. ILO blog

    Taking the uphill struggle for jobs to Davos

    24 January 2013

  3. Statement

    Presentation of the Global Employment Trends 2013

    21 January 2013

    Guy Ryder provided an overview of the scope of the Global Employment Trends 2013, followed by some of the key findings of the ILO report on trends and policies.