ILO's Director-General: In the media

September 2013

  1. BBC World Business Report

    Jobs and growth are top priority at G20, says ILO Director-General

    05 September 2013

    Speaking from the G20 in Moscow, the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder told the BBC that 93 million were unemployed among the G20 nations and a third had been unemployed for over a year. With these numbers going up, Guy Ryder said the G20 has an opportunity to move up a gear in addressing the issues of jobs and growth.

June 2013

  1. CNN

    Economic inequality on the rise, warns ILO's Director General

    03 June 2013

    Talking to CNN, ILO's Director General, Guy Ryder, says that people are not reinvesting the money that has been accumulated from the cuts put in place since the 2008 crisis and that it's "a very serious situation". Cash holdings have tripled by publicly listed companies, causing growth in economic inequality where small business cannot access the credit that could create jobs.

May 2013

  1. Reuters TV

    200 million unemployed by the end of 2013, says ILO Director General

    29 May 2013

    An additional six million people will join the ranks of the unemployed, accounting for 200 million worldwide, according to the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder. And this number may reach 250 million in the next five years. Speaking to Reuters, Mr. Ryder welcomed some EU countries' initiatives to tackle youth unemployment, but urged that much more needs to be done. He warned that the rhetoric of a lost generation is not a danger for the future, but already happening and that needs immediate action.

  2. CNBC Asia

    Clothing retailer workplace safety agreement a "breakthrough", says ILO

    15 May 2013

    Major clothing retailers have agreed to sign a workplace safety agreement, in an effort to avoid future tragedies such as the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, where over a thousand garment workers lost their lives. Mr. Ryder told CNBC's "Squawk Box" that the agreement, which addresses worker safety and health issues, is a breakthrough, but is only part of the answer.

  3. China Central Television (CNTV)

    ILO's Director-General meets with the Chinese Vice Premier of the State Council Ma Kai

    14 May 2013

  4. CNN Quest Means Business

    ILO's Director General says "Everything can be done to change the situation" in Bangladesh

    01 May 2013

    The Bangladesh disaster will happen again "if action is not taken now", affirmed ILO's Director General Guy Ryder. Mr. Ryder, speaking to CNN's Richard Quest, urged authorities to take action for necessary measures. While everybody has a role to play in making these changes happen, it is "in the governments capacity" to implement a plan that will adopt a legislation in the field of labour.

  5. CNN Quest Means Business

    Europe must "Step off the Austerity Pedal", says ILO's Director General

    01 May 2013

    Talking to CNN's Richard Quest, ILO's Director General, Guy Ryder, said that it is now urgent that Europe holds back on austerity and focus more on employment measures. Ryder said that there is space and money to put into the economy, next step is the policy changes that will allow us to see positive outcomes for 2014.

April 2013

  1. CNN

    ILO Chief on Eurozone unemployment - "We can expect worse to come"

    02 April 2013

    As Eurozone unemployment hit an historic high at 12 percent, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder said that while that figure was very disturbing, it was not surprising and would probably get worse unless more was done to put in place policies to promote employment. He went on to say that youth unemployment figures are "absolutely catastrophic" at over 50 percent and the governments have to do more to get the austerity balance right.

January 2013

  1. Al Jazeera-World Economic Forum panel discussion

    ILO chief: Quick action needed to tackle jobs crisis

    25 January 2013

    With signs of improvement in the financial market, now is the time for policymakers to take action and tackle the jobs crisis, said the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. Mr. Ryder participated in an Al Jazeera-World Economic Forum panel discussion, alongside heads of state and business, to discuss the pressing issue of employment. The discussion was webcast live and aired on the Al Jazeera English business tv program "Counting the Cost".

  2. NDTV

    Jobs crisis must be at centre of World Economic Forum discussion, says ILO

    25 January 2013

    New ILO figures show global unemployment is rising again and another 5 million are expected to be unemployed in 2013. The ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder told Indian broadcaster NDTV that policymakers and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos should question the idea that an economic recovery is underway.