ILO's Director-General: In the media

January 2014

  1. CNBC Squawkbox

    The gorilla in the room at Davos: Jobs

    23 January 2014

    Despite signs of economic growth, current trends indicate that global unemployment will grow for the next five years. For most people the crisis will only end when they get a job, said ILO's Director-General, Guy Ryder. Talking to CNBC's Squawkbox from Davos, Ryder noted that unemployment for young people is almost triple the global rate of unemployment. Businesses need to start investing into jobs, and the belief into real economy must be restored, concluded Ryder.

  2. BBC World Business Report

    Jobs situation still going in the wrong direction, says ILO chief

    21 January 2014

    Uncertainty in hiring and labour markets policy is hampering an improvement in employment numbers, says the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. Too many profits are going into financial assets rather than job-creation investments, he said to the BBC.

December 2013

  1. CNBC Africa

    ILO Head: We need to link growth and social development to generate more and better jobs

    12 December 2013

    Zambia's president Sata has stressed the need for the ILO and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to work together and develop practical strategies for employment creation for the country. With that, ILO's Director-General, Guy Ryder, was on a visit to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to launch a Green Jobs project which would see up to 5,000 new jobs created.

November 2013


    ILO Director-General meets with Pope Francis

    19 November 2013

    The dignity of work is a common concern for the ILO and the Catholic Church, said the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, during a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

  2. Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP)

    Progress for Portugal needs job-centred approach, says ILO Chief

    08 November 2013

    With a loss of one in seven jobs in Portugal since the crisis began, the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, told Portuguese broadcaster RTP it was time to take a longer-term perspective on fiscal deficit reduction, invest in areas to maintain and create jobs, get credit lines to small and medium-sized enterprises and make youth guarantee schemes available. One of Portugal's greatest assets, Guy Ryder said, is its tradition of strong social dialogue. Bringing together government, workers and employers to find solutions needs to be taken advantage of, he said, to help bring about a change in the country's direction.

October 2013

  1. CNN Quest Means Business

    Labour problems in Qatar "eminently fixable" says ILO

    03 October 2013

    ILO Director General Guy Ryder discussed accusations of forced labour and other labour violations on Qatar's World Cup and other construction sites, saying that while there had been progress to address these issues on paper, implementation is the major problem but an "eminently fixable" one. He went on to say that Qatar has the resources to do the job and that the necessary political will needs to be applied on all sides before more lives are lost on construction sites.

September 2013

  1. BBC World Business Report

    Jobs and growth are top priority at G20, says ILO Director-General

    05 September 2013

    Speaking from the G20 in Moscow, the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder told the BBC that 93 million were unemployed among the G20 nations and a third had been unemployed for over a year. With these numbers going up, Guy Ryder said the G20 has an opportunity to move up a gear in addressing the issues of jobs and growth.

June 2013

  1. CNN

    Economic inequality on the rise, warns ILO's Director General

    03 June 2013

    Talking to CNN, ILO's Director General, Guy Ryder, says that people are not reinvesting the money that has been accumulated from the cuts put in place since the 2008 crisis and that it's "a very serious situation". Cash holdings have tripled by publicly listed companies, causing growth in economic inequality where small business cannot access the credit that could create jobs.

May 2013

  1. Reuters TV

    200 million unemployed by the end of 2013, says ILO Director General

    29 May 2013

    An additional six million people will join the ranks of the unemployed, accounting for 200 million worldwide, according to the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder. And this number may reach 250 million in the next five years. Speaking to Reuters, Mr. Ryder welcomed some EU countries' initiatives to tackle youth unemployment, but urged that much more needs to be done. He warned that the rhetoric of a lost generation is not a danger for the future, but already happening and that needs immediate action.

  2. CNBC Asia

    Clothing retailer workplace safety agreement a "breakthrough", says ILO

    15 May 2013

    Major clothing retailers have agreed to sign a workplace safety agreement, in an effort to avoid future tragedies such as the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, where over a thousand garment workers lost their lives. Mr. Ryder told CNBC's "Squawk Box" that the agreement, which addresses worker safety and health issues, is a breakthrough, but is only part of the answer.