ILO's Director-General: In the media

April 2015

  1. Al Jazeera America

    Rethinking the employer-worker relationship

    02 April 2015

    The digital, on-demand economy has meant consumers can obtain all kinds of services, from across the world. As people connect directly with freelancers, there are implications for the traditional employer-worker contract that provides a guaranteed income and other social benefits. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder spoke to Al Jazeera America about the evolving employer-employee relationship.

January 2015

  1. BBC World Business Report

    Action needed to tackle global unemployment, says ILO Head

    20 January 2015

    Three million more people will join the ranks of the unemployed in 2015, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, told the BBC. The global economy isn't growing fast enough, he said, to create the jobs that we need. The BBC reports on new ILO figures from the flagship report: "The World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2015", which shows that more than 212 million people will be out of work by 2019, up from the current 201 million.

September 2014

  1. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    Get jobs back to centre of agenda, says ILO chief

    22 September 2014

    Governments should put jobs at the centre of the policy agenda, said the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder in an interview with CNN's Richard Quest. This includes putting in place active labour market policies, getting investment moving again, focusing on education, and finding greater consensus to tackle workplace disputes that affect jobs. The Director-General is attending the UN General Assembly and participating in several high level events about climate change, indigenous peoples and an ILO-Ford Foundation event on employment and Decent Work.

July 2014

  1. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    Inequality a drag on economic growth

    07 July 2014

    ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder discussed income inequality with CNN's Richard Quest, noting how the share of national income that goes to workers globally has gone down by 20 percentage points aggravated by tax policies that lead to less well off people paying more. Ryder praised those governments who are introducing minimum wages and called for businesses to raise salaries in order to keep business alive.

April 2014

  1. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    A sea change in inequality

    11 April 2014

    "Inequality is not the price to pay but the obstacle in the way of economic success, according to ILO Director General Guy Ryder, and that's a sea change in the way we think about it". He spoke to Richard Quest on CNN's Quest Means Business during the 2014 IMF World Bank Spring meetings in Washington DC.

February 2014

  1. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    Ending child labour: "We know what works"

    27 February 2014

    Ending child labour in the cocoa industry takes work on the industry, government and community levels and the ILO knows what works, according to ILO Director General Guy Ryder. Appearing on a special edition of CNN's "Quest Means Business", Ryder joined in a vigorous panel debate about CNN's "Cocoanomics" documentary. In it, Richard Quest visits the Cote d'Ivoire to see what progress had been made in fighting child labour in the cocoa industry.

  2. Liverpool University news

    Liverpool University news - Guy Ryder: Modern slavery costs us all

    27 February 2014

  3. CNN Market Place

    Davos Debrief: The year ahead for Europe

    01 February 2014

    What lies ahead for Europe's recovery, post Davos? CNN's Richard Quest wants to know if there was more than just talk at Davos that will lead Europe to a more growth with jobs in 2014. ILO Director General Guy Ryder joins Urs Rohner of Credit Suisse, Jennifer Blanke of the World Economic Forum and Joseph Jimenez of Novartis in a lively debate about Europe's challenges.

January 2014

  1. Thomson Reuters Davos Today

    Worsening youth unemployment demands a rethink, says ILO

    24 January 2014

    With a third of the world's unemployed young people out of work for more than six months, the need for targeted action is urgent, said the ILO's Director-General, Guy Ryder. Businesses and governments need to invest in areas like apprenticeships, particularly in countries in Southern Europe where there is 50 to 60 per cent youth unemployment. Guy Ryder spoke to Thomson Reuters on "Davos Today", broadcast during the 2014 World Economic Forum.

  2. CNN Quest Means Business

    Commit, Engage to give more jobs to young people

    23 January 2014

    Guy Ryder urged business leaders to "walk the talk" and commit more resources to training and hiring young people as CNN's Richard Quest pressed the ILO's Director-General to delineate what must be done to bring more jobs to the economy. In the face of higher productivity and profits, Ryder said businesses have the means to invest in apprenticeships and anticipate hiring needs. He urged them to make good on the commitments made at Davos.