Staff List of WORKQUALITY Department

Staff list of the 4 branches of the Department and the WORKQUALITY Department


Name Title E-mail
Manuela Tomei Director
Rasha Tabbara  Administrator/Programme Analyst
Janet Pennington  Department Secretary
Maria Ibarz  Senior Administrative Assistant
Séverine Bozzer  Information and Relation Assistant

Gender Equality and Diversity Branch (GED)

Name Title E-mail
Shauna Olney Branch Chief

Administrative Support

Jane Barney Branch Secretary
Veronica Rigottaz Secretary  

Disability Inclusion and Equality Group

Eric Carlson Senior Disability Specialist  
Esteban Tromel Senior Spèecialist Disability  

Ethnic and Racial Equality Group

Martin Oelz Senior Specialist on Equality and Non-Discrimination  
Emanuela Pozzan Senior Specialist Equality and Non-Discrimination  


Adrienne Cruz Specialist gender  
Laura Addati Specialist Maternity protection and work-family  
Valeria Esquivel Gender equality research and data officer  

HIV/AIDS and the World of Work Branch (ILOAIDS)

Name Title E-mail
Shauna Olney Branch Chief  
Brigitte Zug-Castillo Senior Advisor to the Branch Chief  
 Syed Mohammad Afsar  Senior Technical Specialist  
 Kofi Amekudzi  Technical Officer  
Alexander Pretrachkov Senior Administrator  

Inclusive Labour Markets, Labour Relations and Working Conditions Branch (INWORK)

Name   Title E-mail
Philippe Marcadent   Chief

Administrative Support

Claire Piper   Head Secretary
Coralie Thompson   Administrative Assistant
Anne Drougard   Secretary


Mariya Aleksynska   Economist, Labour Market Specialist
Patrick Belser   Senior Economist, Labour Market Specialist
Janine Berg    Senior Economist, Labour Market Specialist
Florence Bonnet   Labour Market Specialist
Najati Ghosheh   Legal officer, Working Conditions
John Ritchotte   Specialist on Social Dialogue and Labour Administration
Claire Hobden   Technical Officer, Working Conditions, Domestic Work
Martine Humblet   Legal Specialist on Working Conditions
Andrea Marinucci   Technical Officer, Industrial Relations in Global Supply Chains
Jon Messenger   Senior Specialist, Working Conditions
Verena Schmidt   Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Specialist
Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead   Senior Economist, Labour Policies Specialist
Rosalia Vasquez-Alvarez   Economist, labour Market and Wage Policies Specialist

Labour Migration Branch (MIGRANT)

Name Title E-mail
Michelle Leighton Branch Chief

Administrative Support

Hélène Lombard Senior secretary
Audrey Goetz Financial and Administrative Assistant
Chantal Nahimana  Administrative and Finance Assistant


Maria Gallotti Chief Technical Advisor
Samia Kazi Aoul-Chaillou Technical officer International Migration
Christiane Kuptsch Senior Specialist in Migration Policies
Heike Lautenschlager Technical officer International Migration
Natalia Popova Labour Economist
Héloïse Ruaudel Senior Technical Specialist on Crisis Migration
Patrick Marega-Castellan Migration Policy Specialist
Fabiola Mieres Technical Officer in Labour Migration
Kenza Dimechkie Technical Officer Labour Migration
Eliza Marks Project Technical Officer
Iskandar Kholov Technical Officer in Labour Migration
Katerine Landuyt Specialist in Labour Migration
Clara Van Panhuys Technical Officer