Collective Action for Safe and Healthy Supply Chains: A Vision Zero Fund High Level Virtual Forum

WHEN: 23-25 February 2021

WHERE: The high-level forum (HLF) will be a virtual event and have a total duration of 10.5 hours over the three days.

WHAT: Through high-level plenary sessions, workshops and regional discussions, the HLF will foster multi-stakeholder discussions on occupational safety and health with the aim of advancing VZF’s goal of achieving zero severe fatal work-related accidents, injuries and diseases in global supply chains.

Specifically, the first HLF will focus on the following themes:

1)  Current challenges and opportunities for advancing towards this goal, in particular  in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; and

2)  VZF’s work to date, including achievements, challenges and future plans.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Participants will include representatives from the ILO tripartite constituents: Governments, employers and worker organizations at global and national level, in particular G7 and G20 members, as well as VZF beneficiary countries.

In addition, the following stakeholders will be invited to attend the event:
  • Leading firms (multinationals; global buyers) and multi-stakeholder initiatives, in particular from the garment and agriculture supply chains;
  • VZF current and potential donors and partners;
  • Other international organizations active in the areas of OSH and/or GSCs; and
  • Prominent academics / researchers / research institutions working in the fields of global supply chains, OSH, labour inspection, and social protection.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: All participants to the HLF will need to register in advance. The registration process will open on January 20th 2021.
MORE INFORMATION: If you have any questions, or would like to receive an invitation to the HLF, please contact us at