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March 2012

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    Sri Lanka Labour Inspection Needs Assessment

    04 March 2012

    At the invitation of the Ministry of Labour Relations and Manpower, the ILO undertook a mission to assess the needs of labour inspection in Sri Lanka.

February 2012

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    Viet Nam Labour Inspection Needs Assessment

    27 February 2012

    A team from LAB/ADMIN completed a week-long needs assessment of the labour inspection system in Viet Nam.

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    Permanency of labour inspectors in El Salvador

    24 February 2012

    El Salvador has taken legislative steps to guarantee that all labour inspectors have the status of civil servants, thereby ensuring stability of employment in line with the ILO's Labour Inspection Convention, No. 81.

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    Meetings with High-Level Officials from the Tunisia Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour

    22 February 2012

    The goal of these meetings was to better understand the organization and operation as well as the challenges, needs and priorities of the Tunisian General Directorate of Labour as well as the General Directorate of Labour Inspection, which are the main beneficiaries of ILO technical assistance in the area of labour administration.

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    Presentation of Findings and Recommendations on Namibia's System of Labour Administration and Labour Inspection

    14 February 2012

    Following a LAB/ADMIN needs assessment of Namibia's labour administration and labour inspection systems in the Fall of 2011, Mr. Ludek Rychly (Senior Labour Administration/Inspection Specialist, ILO Geneva) and Mr. Limpho Mandoro (Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist, ILO Pretoria) presented the findings and recommendations of the report in person to the Management Committee of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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    Tripartite Stakeholder Workshop on Labour Inspection in South Africa

    10 February 2012

    This Workshop was the last activity related to the 2010-11 ILO/Norway project on building modern and effective labour inspection systems.

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    ILO launches project in Albania covering labour inspection

    10 February 2012

    The ILO formally launched a new two year technical co-operation project "IPA National Programme 2010 for Albania/Human Resources Development" financed by the European Commission.

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    36th ordinary governing body session of the African Regional Centre for Labour Administration (CRADAT)

    03 February 2012

    The 36th ordinary governing body session of CRADAT was held on the theme "Labour Administration for Africa's Development".

January 2012

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    LAB/ADMIN Planning Workshop for 2012-2013

    19 January 2012

    ILO labour administration and inspection specialists from around the world gathered in Geneva to discuss the results achieved during the past two years and to set priorities for action in target countries for the ILO's next two year programming cycle (2012-2013).

December 2011

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    Closing workshop for the Labour Inspection in Agriculture Campaign

    22 December 2011

    A closing workshop for the Labour Inspection in Agriculture Campaign was held in Chisinau on 20-22 December 2011. It was organized by the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova with financial and technical support from the ILO.

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    61st meeting of the European Senior Labour Inspector Committee

    08 December 2011

    On behalf of the ILO, LAB/ADMIN participated as an observer in the Thematic Day and Plenary of the 61st Meeting of the European Senior Labour Inspector Committee (SLIC). The Thematic Day was dedicated to the European Code of Good Practise on inspection and non-inspection activities of labour inspectorates.

November 2011

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    Sub-regional Workshop on Inspection Campaigns on Health and Safety at Work and Undeclared Work

    30 November 2011

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    CRADAT/ILO seminar on labour administration and inspection

    30 November 2011

    CRADAT in collaboration with LAB/ADMIN has organised a sub-regional workshop on the challenges in labour administration and inspection as a follow up to the ILC Resolution and Conclusions on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection of June 2011.

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    Training of newly recruited labour inspectors in Maharashtra

    15 November 2011

    A five day training programme for newly recruited labour inspectors in Maharastra was jointly organised by the ILO New Delhi Office and the Maharashtra Department of Labour. The training was based on the labour inspection modules produced by LAB/ADMIN and the ILO Turin Centre in the context of the Norwegian funded project on strengthening labour inspection.

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    ILO Governing Body adopts action plan on labour administration and labour inspection

    10 November 2011

    The 312th Session of the ILO Governing Body adopted an action plan on labour administration and labour inspection.

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    Workshop on good practises and experience sharing on labour inspection in Arab countries.

    02 November 2011

    The ILO, in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Labour organized a workshop to share experiences and good practices on labour inspection in the Arab region.

October 2011

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    High Level Meeting on Labour Administration and Inspection

    28 October 2011

    At the request of Norwegian Ministry of Labour, a high level meeting took place in Oslo between ILO officials and tripartite constituents.

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    Workshop on Performance Management, Johannesburg.

    24 October 2011

    At the request of Department of Labour (DoL) of South Africa, LAB/ADMIN provided technical assistance on the implementation of a performance management system in the DoL and its two key branches, Labour Inspection and Enforcement and Public Employment Services.Recommendations of an independent academic study were also discussed during this national workshop.

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    Labour Administration and Labour Inspection Academy.

    24 October 2011

    The inaugural Labour Administration and Labour Inspection Academy was launched at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin.

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    Training of Labour Inspector Trainers.

    24 October 2011

    Following the recent High Level Dialogue on Strengthening Labour Inspection Coordination in Indonesia, LAB/ADMIN facilitated a training of trainers with 25 selected labour inspectors from across the country.