Workshop on Strengthening Labour Law Compliance in Ukraine: Way Forward (Kyiv, 5 February 2013)

Within the framework of Canadian and Norwegian-founded ILO projects, the ILO organised a workshop on the importance of tripartite cooperation amongst labour inspectorates and social partners and the use of new technologies to enhance the effectiveness of labour inspectorates.

News | Ginebra, Suiza | 05 February 2013
The workshop was attended by the ILO National Coordinator in Ukraine, LAB/ADMIN officials, the Director of State Inspection of Ukraine on Labour Issues, the Director of Department of Organization of State Observance for the State Services for Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety and 35 representatives of social partners and public institutions from different regions. The workshop gave participants an opportunity to discuss the current challenges for social partners in achieving decent working conditions and the possible means of tripartite cooperation in the area of labour inspection.
On the same occasion and under the ILO project “Harmonizing Labour Inspection Data to Improve the Monitoring of Decent Work”, the ILO presented and delivered a new Analytic Information System for the State Inspection of Ukraine on Labour Issues. The workshop wrapped -up with the hand-over ceremony of the SLI database to the labour inspectorate which will allow for planning and monitoring as well as better comparison of statistics on labour inspection data.