Workshop on labour administration and inspection, 19 to 23 November 2012, Lima, Peru

This workshop was carried out in collaboration with the Turin Training Centre as part of LAB/ADMIN's activities funded by the Norwegian government for improving national systems of labour inspection.

News | Ginebra, Suiza | 23 November 2012
The workshop was attended by labour inspectors from around Latin America to discuss key issues in the development of national systems for ensuring labour law compliance and to share new experiences and achievements from their own national systems. At the same time, the workshop was an opportunity to monitor the results of the 2011 general discussion on labour administration and inspection at the International Labour Conference, as well as the Americas Regional Conference of December 2010.
Participants discussed a number of subjects including:

- the employment relationship and its challenges for labour inspectorates

- the role of labour administration in promoting social dialogue

- the role of the central authority in labour inspection

- labour inspection registries and statistics

- the role of labour inspectors in monitoring domestic work

- labour inspection and the elimination of discrimination in the workplace

- guidelines for a strategy to strengthen labour administration and inspection in Latin America