National Workshop on labour administration and inspection in Sri Lanka (Colombo, 19-21 September 2012)

With support from the ILO Project on Promoting Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in Sri Lanka, Mr. Ludek Rickly, Senior Labour Administration/Inspection Specialist (LAB/ADMIN) and Mr. Algandram Sivananthiram (ILO Consultant) presented the findings and recommendations from a recent ILO needs assessment of the country’s labour administration and inspection system during a national workshop.

News | Ginebra, Suiza | 21 September 2012
The workshop was organised with the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations and focused on developing a road map to help the government implement the main recommendations, including:

-reviewing the mandate and scope of the labour inspection system;

-strengthening the role of the labour inspection central authority;

-separating the function of labour inspection from conciliation and mediation.

During the workshop, it was agreed that immediate attention should be given to the appointment of a chief inspector (to guide the development of a labour inspection policy). Other priorities included improving data collection and reporting; strengthening the prevention and reporting of occupational accidents; and developing better collaboration between general and factory inspections. It was also agreed that a working party would be appointed to draft a concrete work plan towards putting these recommendations into practice.