Workshop to discuss a Strategic Plan for labour inspection in Viet Nam

The Viet Nam Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs organized a workshop to discuss a draft Strategic Plan for labour inspection in the country. The meeting was attended by senior MOLISA officials along with representatives from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Government Inspection Service. The ILO was invited to comment on the draft plan, particularly in light of its assessment of the country's labour inspection system in February 2012.

Workshop | Hanoi, Viet Nam | 19 September 2012
The ILO team also shared relevant experiences from other national labour inspection systems to assist the MOLISA in refining its strategic text.

The draft eight year plan addresses a number of issues including:

- a significant increase in the number of inspectors;
- the adoption of additional legal instruments to clarify the functions and practices of inspectors;
- the development of a labour inspection training strategy;
- strengthening of the administrative structure, especially to improve coordination between the central authority and inspection services in the provinces; and
- developing an information management system to collect data and assist inspectors in their work.

The MOLISA expects to deliver a revised strategic plan to the government for consideration before the end of 2012.