Guinea Labour Inspectors Prepare National Work Plan Conakry, Guinea 24-27 April 2012

LAB/ADMIN together with the ILO Office in Dakar held a training workshop for some 35 labour inspectors and administrators in Conakry, Guinea, during which participants prepared a national work plan on labour inspection for the next six months.

News | Ginebra, Suiza | 28 April 2012
The workshop was opened by the Chief of Cabinet for the Minister of Labour and Civil Service and by Mr. Murangira, Director of the ILO Dakar office. The goal of the workshop was to strengthen the knowledge of these officials on international labour standards and on the principles of labour administration.

The workshop focussed on reinforcing the management and working methods of the labour inspection system in order to improve its effectiveness. This included discussions on:

- the key ILO Conventions on labour administration and inspection: C. 81, C. 129 and C. 150
- labour inspection management, particularly the collaboration of the labour inspectorate with other institutions and the social partners
- planning and methodologies for labour inspections including the adoption of a programme of labour inspection visits covering every Department in the country (e.g. defining priority sectors; objectives; inspection teams; the number of weekly visits and indicators of results)

As a result of this workshop, participants prepared a national work plan, endorsed by the general labour inspector, which will be evaluated after a trial period of six months.