Tripartite Stakeholder Workshop on Labour Inspection in South Africa

This Workshop was the last activity related to the 2010-11 ILO/Norway project on building modern and effective labour inspection systems.

Workshop | Johannesburg, South Africa | 10 February 2012
The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen cooperation and coordination between different ministries, agencies and departments involved in enforcing labour legislation, as well as strengthen links between the government and the social partners on labour inspection.

The meeting included representatives from the Department of Mineral Resources, South African Revenue Services, Department of Public Works, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Home Affairs, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Compensation Commission, Labour Relations Registrar, and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, among others.

The discussions that took place confirmed the interest to establish more formal and regular forms of cooperation between the various stakeholders. Participants adopted a series of resolutions and responsibilities with time lines for implementation.