Meetings with High-Level Officials from the Tunisia Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour

The goal of these meetings was to better understand the organization and operation as well as the challenges, needs and priorities of the Tunisian General Directorate of Labour as well as the General Directorate of Labour Inspection, which are the main beneficiaries of ILO technical assistance in the area of labour administration.

Meeting | Tunis, Tunisia | 22 February 2012
The meetings helped to identify the following issues:

- Within the General Directorate of Labour, one of the top priorities is to strengthen collective dispute resolution as well as to improve the system for data collection which is important for reporting on the activities of the Ministry - including for reports to the ILO on the implementation of international conventions.

- As for the General Directorate of Labour Inspection, the collection of data is an equally important priority and there was a suggestion to create a research centre within the labour inspection system.