National Conference on Labour Inspection Policy in South Africa

Within the framework of the ILO/Norway project “ Strengthening labour inspection effectiveness” (INT/09/62/NOR) a National Labour Inspection Policy Conference was held in Pretoria on 27-28 September 2010 on the theme of “Strengthening Labour Inspection Systems in South Africa”. This conference was a culmination of a series of activities that followed last year’s labour administration and labour inspection audit and were funded by the Government of Norway, especially a conference on DoL’s repositioning (Rustenburg, February), three training of trainers (Johannesburg, February and March; Turin, September) and one training of LI managers (Johannesburg, May). The National Conference was also attended by the Norwegian MPs of the Standing Committee of Labour and Social Affairs.

Conference | Pretoria, South Africa | 11 October 2010
A great attention was given to the issue of penalties as part of law enforcement. A preliminary findings of LAB/ADMIN’s comparative research on this topic were presented by Ludek Rychly at a plenary session. A specific attention was also given to the ratification prospects concerning ILO Convention 81 and 129. This aspect was raised by Giuseppe Casale, Director of LAB/ADMIN, and the Labour Ministry, Mr. Sam Morotoba, Acting-DG of DoL.

The Conference provided an excellent opportunity to take stock of results achieved during the last year and to evaluate the ILO’s contribution. As reflected in speeches by the Labour Minister Mr. Mdladlana, the Acting Director-General Mr. Morotoba, the Deputy Director-General Ms. Zondeki or the Chief Inspector Mr.Lamati, the ILO involvement and support was highly appreciated. It contributed to successful restructuring of DoL and its inspection and enforcement sector and to overall improvement of inspection’s capacity. This fact was also appreciated by Ms Karin Andersen, First Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs of the Norwegian Parliament.