Staff list

Fundamentals Principles and Rights at Work Branch (FUNDAMENTALS)


Organizational description | 01 June 2020

Mr Philippe VANHUYNEGEM - Branch Chief

Mr Philippe Vanhuynegem (Belgium) is the Chief of the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch of the ILO Governance and Tripartism Department. The Branch promotes policy development, carries out research, and provides technical advisory services on child labour, forced labour, non-discrimination and freedom of association and collective bargaining. Previously, Philippe Vanhuynegem acted as the Director of the ILO Andean Office.


Admin and Finance Unit

Ms Jennie BASTIAENEN Financial Control Officer
Ms Agatha BIENAIME Finance Clerk
Ms Caroline CHAIGNE-HOPE Branch Administrative and Communications Assistant
Ms Doraine RENÉ Administrative Assistant
Ms Maria Fernanda ROLLIER Administrative Assistant

Research and Evaluation Unit

Ms Michaelle DE COCK Head, Research and Evaluation Unit

Research Cluster

Mr Federico BLANCO ALLAIS Senior Research Officer
Ms Gabriella BREGLIA Policy Research Officer
Ms Kelly GLEASON Data Science Officer (New York)
Mr Lorenzo GUARCELLO Policy Research and Statistics Officer
Ms Eva JOURDAN Junior Research Officer
Mr Scott LYON Policy Research Officer
VACANT Policy Research Officer

Monitoring and Evaluation Cluster

Ms Laura DE FRANCHIS Senior Evaluation Officer
Ms Sherelle WILSON Monitoring and Database Officer
Mr Bobur NAZARMUHAMEDOV Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Advocacy and Partnerships Unit

Mr Thomas WISSING Head, Advocacy and Partnerships Unit

Technical Advisory Cluster

Mr José Maria RAMIREZ MACHADO FPRW Technical Specialist on Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
Mr Luiz MACHADO FPRW Technical Specialist on Forced Labour
Mr Gurchaten SANDHU Programme Support Officer on Non-discrimination
Mr Benjamin SMITH FPRW Technical Specialist on Child Labour
Ms Lisa WONG-RAMESAR FPRW Technical Specialist on Non-discrimination

Advocacy and Communication Cluster

Ms Liliana CASTILLO-RUBIO Communication, Web and Databases Assistant
Ms Jane COLOMBINI Advocacy and Communication Officer
Mr Oluremi DOHERTY Project Coordinator (BRIDGE Project
Mr John DOMBKINS Project Communication Officer (MAP'16 project)
Ms Laurence DUBOIS Project Coordinator and Partnership Manager (MAP'16 project)
Ms Aurélie HAUCHÈRE VONG Advocacy and Communication Officer (BRIDGE project)

Ms Lucie PELFORT Junior Technical Officer (BRIDGE project)
Ms Alison POTTER Junior Technical Officer 


Solutions and Innovations Unit

Mr Francesco D'OVIDIO Head, Solutions and Innovation Unit 

Regional Desks

Mr Jean-Marie KAGABO Senior Programme and Operations Officer (Africa)
Ms Nadine OSSEIRAN Senior Programme and Operations Officer (Asia)
VACANT Senior Programme and Operations Officer (Americas)
Mr Simon HILLS Senior Programme and Operations Officer (Europe/Arab States, and Crisis)

Thematic Areas

Ms Badra ALAWA Project Coordinator (CLEAR COTTON Project) (Supply Chains)
Ms Helene BOHYN Technical Officer (FAIR project)
Ms Cristina MALDONADO Technical Officer (Alliance 8.7IPEC+ Flagship Programme)
Mrs Gaëla ROUDY FRASER Technical Officer (FAIR project)
Mr Alex SOHO Senior Programme and Operations Officer (Rural and Informal Economy)
Ms Katherine TORRES Technical Officer (Supply Chains)