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Social Dialogue and Tripartism Unit (DIALOGUE)


Organizational description | 16 December 2015

Mr Youcef GHELLAB - Head of Unit

Mr Ghellab is Head of the Social Dialogue and Tripartism Unit within the Governance and Tripartism Department of the ILO. He has published several papers on social dialogue and is the co-editor of a book on sectoral social dialogue in future European Union (EU) Member States. Prior to his current position in Geneva, Mr Ghellab was the Senior Specialist for Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations at the ILO’s Sub-regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest. Before joining the ILO he worked as an economist in the French Ministry of Economy and Finance from 1991 to 1994. 

Mission and Vision of the Social Dialogue and Tripartism Unit (DIALOGUE)


Mr Rainer PRITZER Senior  Social Dialogue Specialist
Mr Konstantinos PAPADAKIS Senior Social Dialogue and Governance Specialist
Ms Caroline O'REILLY Senior Social Dialogue Specialist
Ms Nancy VARELASocial Dialogue Officer  
Ms Germaine Boury NDIAYE-GUISSE Administrative Assistant



  • Mr Ekoue Faustin AMOUSSOU KOUETETE  Labour Administration and Social Dialogue Specialist, Dakar
  • Mr Limpho MANDORO  Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist, Pretoria
  • Mr Sevane ANANIAN  Social Dialogue and wages Specialist, Cairo 


  • Mr Shingo MIYAKE  Legal Officer, Port-of-Spain
  • Mr Fernando GARCIA  Labor Law and Social Dialogue Specialist, San José
  • Mr Italo CARDONA  Labor Law and Social Dialogue Specialist, Lima

Arab States

  • Mr Torsten SCHACKEL  Senior International Labour Standards and Labour Law Specialist, Beirut

Asia and the Pacific

  • Mr Alain PELCE  Senior International Labour Standards and Social Dialogue Specialist, Bangkok
  • Mr Mahandra NAIDOO  Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist, New Delhi
  • Mr Youngmo YOON  Senior Specialist in Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations, Bangkok

Europe and Central Asia

  • Ms Cristina MIHES  Senior Specialist on Social Dialogue and Labour Law, Budapest
  • Mr Leonardus Antonius Maria SIBBEL  International Labour Standards Specialist, Moscow