Staff list

Better Work Branch (BETTERWORK)


Organizational description | 24 December 2015

Mr Dan REES - Chief of Branch

Dan Rees (United Kingdom) leads Better Work, overseeing the programme’s operations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua and Viet Nam, as well as driving garment sector-wide change at the international level.

Better Work has staff working across seven country programmes, and in Geneva, Bangkok and Washington D.C.

Management Team

  • Ms Tara RANGARAJAN, Global Operations Manager
  • Mr Conor BOYLE, Global Operations Manager
  • Ms Roopa NAIR, Head of Communications and Partnerships
  • Ms Alexa HOUGH, Finance and Programming Manager

Country Programme Managers

  • Mr Louis VANEGAS, Bangladesh
  • Ms Esther GERMANS, Cambodia
  • Ms Claudine FRANCOIS, Haiti
  • Ms Maria Vasquez, Indonesia
  • Mr Tareq ABU QAOUD, Jordan
  • Ms Blanca PERALTA, Nicaragua
  • Ms Nguyen Hong HA, Vietnam