Strengthening Workplace Compliance through Labour Inspection

ACI 7 Global Workshop

The Global Workshop served as a checkpoint to discuss progress against the original work plan and identify future activities which will contribute to the overall vision and strategy for ACI/Compliance. This workshop itself was programmed as one of the global outputs of for this area of critical importance (ACI).

The main objectives of the workshop were to:
  1. Share good practices and challenges experienced in the initial ACI/7 pilot countries.
  2. Learn about the work plans formulated for the newly added beneficiary countries.
  3. Present the progress made by the ACI/7 global output leads.
  4. Get feedback on the global outputs (products/services) produced.

With representatives from the constituents of seven pilot countries: Burkina Faso, Colombia, Vietnam (initial pilot countries), Nicaragua, Tanzania, Turkey, and Uganda (relatively newly added ACI/7 countries), along with ILO staff from the field and HQ the workshop afforded the opportunity of tripartite perspectives on the challenges and progress being made for promoting workplace compliance. The presentations from ILO HQ staff shared research that underpinned the production of the global outputs and participants provided feedback on what they thought about the innovation, the sustainability, and the potential for replication of the outputs in their country contexts. Additionally, this opportunity was used to reflect upon the 2016/2017 biennium and what efforts could and should be added or reinforced for the achievement of Outcome 7.

It was considered a good opportunity for knowledge sharing. The methodology of the workshop was recognized for facilitating an environment for sharing and providing inputs. National delegations expressed their gratitude at having had this opportunity to learn from other countries experience and about the global products and services which will be available for use in their countries in near future. The staff at ILO Geneva recognized that the workshop allowed them to learn about the practical experiences of ACI/7 in the field and to reflect as to how they can further improve their global products and technical assistance on the ground.

One of the key learning shared by the participants of the workshop was that while the ILO needs to continue to help strengthen labour inspection to improve workplace compliance, it is now obvious that such efforts need to be combined strategically with other intervention modalities for improving workplace, aiming at also the improvement and capacity development of legal frameworks, labour administrations, employers’ and workers’ organisations, enterprises, social dialogue institutions, labour-management relations and public-private initiatives. ACI/7 task team will therefore further review and adopt its implementation strategy and organizational management (cooperation and synergy), not only for the Programme and Budget for 2016-17, but also beyond, for the development of strategic framework for 2018-21.