News and events

The ILO Centenary

  1. 10-21 June 2019

    Building a future with decent work: The 108th International Labour Conference


  1. Labour Inspection and Forced Labour

    Canada renews commitment toward International Labour Standards

    17 June 2019

    Canada has ratified the Labour Inspection Convention, 1947 (No. 81) and the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930

  2. International Women's Day

    Wagner Moura: Respect the rights of domestic workers

    16 June 2019

    ILO Goodwill Ambassador, actor and film director Wagner Moura speaks about the rights of domestic workers this International Domestic Workers’ Day, June 16.

  3. Maternity Protection

    Mauritius ratifies the Maternity Protection Convention, 2000 (No. 183)

    14 June 2019


  1. The Driving Force Birth and Evolution of Tripartism - The Role of the ILO Workers' Group

    18 June 2019

    Beyond stating that the International Labour Organization has, since 1919, had a unique tripartite structure, with the participation of governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations, not much has been written about how tripartism actually works. The book gives examples of the dynamics at work between the three groups of the ILO and explains how, over time, the force that has driven its agenda has been the Workers’Group.

  2. Resolution on the Centenary Declaration proposed by the Employers’ and Workers’ groups

    10 June 2019