ILO100 Events

January 2019

  1. Event

    Launch of Global Commission report on the Future of Work

    22 January 2019

    The report launch on 22nd January 2019 marks the official start of the ILO Centenary year, which will be celebrated in a series of global, regional and national events. ​

  2. Event

    Official launch of the ILO Centenary

    22 January - 31 December 2019

    At 16:00 Geneva time (15:00 GMT) a ceremony formally launching the 100th anniversary celebrations will be held in the “colonnades” hall of the ILO headquarters.

February 2019

  1. International Conference

    Together to achieve Universal Social Protection by 2030

    5 February 2019

    Governments, multilateral actors and all relevant national, regional and international organizations will exchange on good practices and lessons learnt in delivering social protection to all.

  2. Social Protection for Children

    International Conference on Universal Child Grants

    6 - 8 February 2019

    This conference, convened by UNICEF, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), brings together national governments and policy practitioners, researchers and the international community to explore the arguments and the evidence emerging from the implementation of alternative cash transfer schemes and their implications for Universal Child Grants.

  3. ILO 100 on Future of Work

    Future of Work Seminar: Its Impact to Youth and Occupational Safety and Health

    28 February 2019

    The world of work is undergoing major changes that will continue, and potentially intensify, in the future. In the first half of 2019, all ILO member States will be invited to organize events to mark the ILO's Centenary and to discuss the report of the Future of Work Commission.

  4. ILO 100 on Future of Work

    Future of Work Talk: Views and Insights of Young Indonesians

    28 February 2019

    The talks provide a venue for young Indonesians to discuss and share their aspirations about their thoughts on the impact of the future of work to their future and lives.

March 2019

  1. ILO 100 on the International Women's Day

    Seminar for International Women’s Day 2019: Think equal, build smart and innovate for change

    4 March 2019

    Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) creates an opportunity to explore new ways of removing barriers and accelerating progress for gender equality.

  2. Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

    A Quantum Leap for Gender Equality: For a Better Future of Work for All

    8 March 2019

    Yalitza Aparicio, Oscar-nominated lead actress from the film Roma (BAFTA best film winner), as the keynote speaker.

  3. Event

    Media Training and Media Fellowship on Promoting Quality Apprenticeship

    9 - 10 March 2019

    Skills mismatch and school to work transition is considered to be the main challenge and there is huge commitment from the Government of Indonesia to address this issue through apprenticeship.

April 2019

  1. Event

    ILO invites you to a 24-hour Global Tour to celebrate its Centenary

    11 April 2019

    From the time the first event begins until the last one ends, the Centenary global online tour will showcase the ILO over 24 hours, across four continents.