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observation period   stage  

See: waiting period

old-age dependency ratio   [FR: nd]   ratio de dependencia de la vejez

See: demographic ratio

ongoing claim   demande de prestation en cours  

See: claim

out-of-pocket payment   paiement direct par le patient   gasto de bolsillo

Fee paid by the consumer of health services directly to the provider at the time of delivery. Payments borne directly by the patient. [wd]


outpatient care   soins ambulatoires  

Treatment provided in a hospital or clinic, but without involving hospitalization of the patient. The patient returns home after receiving treatment. [ref. 144]

Synonym: outpatient treatment

output   production  

Output consists (only) of those goods and services produced within an establishment that become available for use outside that establishment. This includes output of goods and services produced for own final use (own-account agricultural production, own-account capital formation, etc.). The output of the whole economy is equal to the sum of the outputs of its establishments. Output is measured at basic prices or, if these are not available, at producers' prices. [ref. 8022, see note]