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juridical personality   personnalité juridique  

Refers to the status of a natural person or legal entity that is the subject of rights and obligations. A natural person is a human being. A legal entity is a group of individuals to which the law attributes a juridical personality distinct from that of its members: an association, trade union, church, commercial enterprise, school, hospital, province, department, region, etc. The rights associated with juridical personality are, among others, the rights to own property, to institute legal proceedings and to assemble. Obligations include paying one's debts, paying taxes and paying wages to employees. A natural person acquires juridical personality upon birth and loses it upon death or disappearance. A legal entity acquires juridical personality upon registration with the competent authorities. Legal entities may be registered under a variety of forms: non-profit organization, cooperative, mutual organization, public limited company, limited liability company, etc. [ref. 144]