Inclusion of people with disabilities in vocational training: A practical guide

This guide is designed to provide practical advice to administrators and trainers in vocational training centres and vocational training programmes about how to include people with disabilities.

For decades, the ILO has promoted the equal treatment and equal opportunities of people with disabilities, including in skills development and employability programmes. Adopted in 1983, the ILO Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Disabled Persons) Convention (No. 159) calls for a policy based on the principle of equal opportunity and aiming to ensure that vocational rehabilitation and employment are made available to all persons with disabilities.

In November 2012, the ILO Governing Body welcomed the Disability Inclusion Initiative, a commitment to include people with disabilities in all areas of work of the ILO. The Gender,Equality and Diversity Branch is responsible for co-ordinating this important initiative.

With the adoption and remarkable ratifcation rate of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the right of disabled persons to access to mainstream vocational training and employment is garnering renewed attention.

Within the pages of Inclusive Vocational Training : A Practical GGuide, you will find practical tips and approaches to ensure that your skills development programme is inclusive of trainees with disabilities and that they have the supports they need to ssucceed.