VIRTUAL EVENT : 13 October 2020. 09:00 New York time

Building back better: Indigenous Peoples’ Voices in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Inequalities and discrimination experienced by the world’s over 476 million indigenous and tribal peoples are now exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the United Nations General Assembly held its annual discussion on the rights of indigenous peoples, the ILO joined partners of the Indigenous Navigator initiative in hosting a webinar to hear from indigenous representatives from Africa, Asia and Latin America about their perspectives on building an inclusive and sustainable COVID-19 response.

The Indigenous Navigator is a framework for indigenous peoples’ monitoring of their rights and development supported by the European Union.  Since 2017, indigenous peoples in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Suriname, and the United Republic of Tanzania have used the Indigenous Navigator to gather data and engage with governmental and other stakeholders to promote actions to ensure respect for their rights and sustainable development.