Selected ILO publications on gender and youth employment

Youth Employment: Breaking gender barriers for young women and men - One of the themes of the Gender equality at the heart of Decent Work Campaign, 2008-2009

Active labour market policies around the world: Coping with the consequences of globalization

An analysis of the situation of Filipino Domestic Workers

The Challenges of Growing Small Businesses: Insights from women entrepreneurs in Africa

Decent Work and Youth: Latin America

Gender and Migration in Arab States: The Case of Domestic Workers

Global employment trends for women

Global employment trends for youth

Guide for the Preparation of National Action Plans on Youth Employment

HIV/AIDS and work: Global estimates, impact on children and youth, and response

Improving prospects for young women and men in the world of work, a guide to youth employment

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises: Getting the policy environment right

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises in Africa and Asia: Lessons drawn from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Tunisia and Zimbabwe

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises in Bangladesh: Factors affecting women entrepreneurs in small and cottage industries in Bangladesh

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises in Bulgaria

Jobs, Gender and Small Enterprises in the Caribbean: Lessons from Barbados, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago

Nepal and Pakistan micro-finance and micro-enterprise development: Their contribution to the economic empowerment of women

Promoting Female Entrepreneurship in Mauritius: Strategies in Training and Development

Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Based on Good Practice Programmes: Some experiences from the North to the South

Promotion of rural employment for poverty reduction

Red Shoes: Experiences of girl-combatants in Liberia

Resolutions adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 93rd Session

School-to-work transition: Evidence from Egypt

The school-to-work transition of young people in Syria

Skills for improved productivity, employment growth and development. Report 97 V

Small Change, Big Changes: Women and Microfinance

Starting right: Decent work for young people

Stimulating youth entrepreneurship: Barriers and incentives to enterprise start-ups by young people

Women Entrepreneurs in Albania

Young people’s transition to decent work: Evidence from Kosovo

Youth employment: a global goal, a national challenge

Youth: pathways to decent work: promoting youth employment - tackling the challenge