Access to the building

  • If you do not have a valid Governing Body badge, please make sure you obtain one at the Registration Desk at P1 level.
  • If you have a badge, access the building through door 4 to avoid queueing.
  • Parking spaces are available at P1 level.
  • Please note that taxis will drop you off at P2 level.

Delegates with disabilities

ILO premises are accessible and, to the extent possible, inclusive for all. The onsite maps indicate the location of toilets and other facilities.

Delegates requiring any particular accommodation for hearing or visual impairment, or assistance including in case of emergency or evacuation, should contact or call +41 22 799 67 67

For more information or assistance for persons with disabilities you can contact the OSH coordinator at +41 79 593 13 20 or the ILO Control Centre (open 24/7) at +41 22 799 80 15.