Annual evaluation report 2012-13 (Long Report)

Particular progress is highlighted in establishing and strengthening an ILO evaluation culture and addressing global and consituent demand for credible information on the impact, lessons learned and cost-effectiveness of ILO policies, programmes and interventions. EVAL has revised its guidance and strengthened its ILO evaluation network by launching evaluation manager training and an e-learning module in collaboration with HRD.

This report presents achievements and work completed during 2012–13 as measured against its results-based strategy 2011–15. The first part of the report cites gradual improvement in project evaluation quality and EVAL's efforts to align with the reform process. The second part of the report summarizes the results of several studies on the Office’s effectiveness in achieving short- and medium-term objectives.

The report concludes with recommendations covering evaluation and outcome based funding, RBSA contributions, as well as recommendations on improving project design and implementation to ensure better evaluability of ILO intervenions.