GB - Governing Body

  1. 1

    ‎Election of the Officers of the Governing Body for 2011–12‎

  2. 2

    ‎Approval of the minutes of the 310th Session of the Governing Body‎

  3. 3

    ‎Appointment of the Governing Body Committee on Freedom of Association and of various bodies‎

  4. 4

    ‎Reports of the Committee on Freedom of Association‎

  5. 5

    ‎Questions arising out of the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference, requiring immediate attention‎

  6. 6

    ‎Agenda of the International Labour Conference: Agenda of the 101st Session (2012) and of the 102nd Session (2013) of the Conference‎

  7. 7

    ‎Proposals for amendments to the Standing Orders of the Governing Body and other relevant texts in order to give effect to the reform package of the functioning of the Governing Body‎

  8. 8

    ‎Mandate, scope and composition of the Working Party on the Functioning of the Governing Body and the International Labour Conference‎

  9. 9

    ‎Report of the Director-General‎

  10. 10

    ‎Reports of the Officers of the Governing Body‎

  11. 11

    ‎Composition and agenda of standing bodies and meetings‎

  12. 12

    ‎Information documents‎