Decision on the 14th item on the agenda: Report of the Committee on Technical Cooperation

Record of decisions | 24 March 2010

I. The role of Decent Work Country Programmes in the enhanced Technical Cooperation Strategy

The Governing Body requested the Director-General to:

(a) instruct the Office to take concrete steps to ensure that the challenges and opportunities identified in the evaluations of Decent Work Country Programmes are adequately addressed in forthcoming country programmes;

(b) promote the programming of specific Decent Work Country Programme outputs to ensure institutional capacity building for constituents to strengthen their participation in the Decent Work Country Programme process and in development planning as a whole and, where necessary, to strengthen the coordination of inputs of employers’ and workers’ organizations;

(c) promote the programming of specific outputs to support country-level action on priorities emerging from the ILO’s governance structures, including on international labour standards;

(d) promote the development of Decent Work Country Programmes that are reflected in PRSs, where present, and that actively involve constituents, are fully results-based, and aim at sustainable resource mobilization strategies, including through donor funding and, where possible, strive for eventual aid independence through, inter alia, increased national ownership; and

(e) report on action taken and results achieved on the above in future reporting on the implementation of Decent Work Country Programmes.

(Document GB.307/14, paragraph 48)

II. Operational aspects of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC)

III. Implementation of the Tripartite Agreement on Freedom of Association and Democracy in Colombia

The Governing Body took note of these parts of the report.

(Document GB.307/14, paragraphs 49–72)