Decision regarding the results of the ILO Action Plan for Gender Equality 2020–21, the action plan-related findings of the highlevel independent evaluation of the ILO's gender equality and mainstreaming efforts in 2016–21, and the proposed outline of the Action Plan 2022–25

Record of decisions | 22 March 2022
The Governing Body requested the Director-General to:

(a) finalize and implement the ILO Action Plan for Gender Equality 2022–25, taking into account the guidance provided during the consideration of document GB.344/INS/10; and

(b) integrate its guidance in pursuing the ILO’s mandate to achieve gender equality at work through a transformative agenda, taking into account the resolution and conclusions of the General Discussion Working Party on inequalities and the world of work, especially in implementing the ILO’s Strategic Plan for 2022–25 and its two corresponding programmes and budgets.

(GB.344/INS/10, paragraph 27)