Human Resources Strategy for 2022–25: Diversity, accountability and respect

This document presents the Human Resources Strategy for 2022–25, which takes into account the guidance provided by the Governing Body at its 341st Session (March 2021) on the progress made in the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy 2018–21. The Human Resources Strategy for 2022–25 aims at ensuring a workforce of the highest standards of competence, efficiency and integrity, with due regard being given to the Action plan for improving the diversity of the ILO workforce (GB.337/PFA/11), including in terms of gender and geographical diversity, and also addressing underrepresentation, experience relevant to the three constituent groups and opportunities for youth and young professionals. The Governing Body is invited to comment on and endorse this Human Resources Strategy for 2022–25 (see the draft decision in paragraph 49).

Meeting document | 04 October 2021