Work plan on the strengthening of the supervisory system: Proposals on further steps to ensure legal certainty and information on other action points in the work plan

The document captures the outcome of the informal tripartite consultations held in January 2020 encompassing a tripartite exchange of views on proposals to consider further steps to ensure legal certainty, based on the Office paper on the elements and conditions for the operation of an independent body under article 37(2) of the Constitution and of any other consensus-based options, as well as the article 37(1) procedure. The document provides further information on progress in implementing certain proposals of the work plan to strengthen the supervisory machinery. Note: The consideration of this item has been deferred from the 338th Session (March 2020) to the 343rd Session (November 2021) of the Governing Body and it is presented to the present session for information. The content of the document is the same as GB.341/INS/INF/1 with a few adjustments in paragraphs 70–74 and Appendix II. In version "Rev.1" of 01 November, the note in the first page has been corrected.