Decision concerning the 395th Report of the Committee on Freedom of Association

Record of decisions | 25 June 2021
The Governing Body took note of the introduction to the Report of the Committee, contained in paragraphs 1–62, and adopted the recommendations made in paragraphs: 74 (Case No. 3269: Afghanistan); 96 (Case No. 3327: Brazil); 121 (Case No. 3184: China); 173 (Case No. 3406: China – Hong Kong Special Administrative Region); 203 (Case No. 3395: El Salvador); 251 (Case No. 3381: Hungary); 283 (Case No. 3076: Maldives); 358 (Case No. 3405: Myanmar); 368 (Case No. 3067: Democratic Republic of the Congo); 401 (Case No. 2254: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela); and adopted the 395th Report of its Committee on Freedom of Association as a whole.