340th Session of the Governing Body

Social media at the Governing Body

The guidance provided below is meant primarily for Twitter but also applies to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The official hashtag for this meeting of the Governing Body is:


Getting ready

If you use your personal Twitter account:
  • Make sure the information you want to share on social media is not confidential and can be made public without interfering or compromising any of the GB discussions/decisions.
  • Emphasize that the work of the Governing Body continues virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic and that the ILO is fully operational, as it has been throughout the crisis.
To get a better idea of who is taking part in the GB and what they are saying, before and during the event, you can search tweets including the #OneILO hashtag.

Subscribe to the official ILO social media accounts:

"Live" social media from the Governing Body

  • Share your personal experience of taking part in the virtual meeting.
  • Focus on what it is like to participate in a virtual GB rather than on the discussions themselves, which may be sensitive and not for public disclosure.
  • If you want to quote someone, please ensure your quote is accurate and cite your sources.
  • As stated above, please ensure that you are not sharing any information that may interfere or compromise any of the discussions/decisions.
  • Use social media responsibly. Especially during the GB, you should not use social media to attack, criticize, harass or misrepresent other users. Show respect for the proceedings and for the people who are taking part in them.

After the meeting

If you tweet after the Governing Body has finished, ensure tweets are in the past tense.

Offer a reflection of your experience, what you learned, and what you thought was the most interesting (but bear in mind that some information is not for public distribution).

Note: The use of online services to publicize ILO information does not entail an endorsement of service providers nor of the terms and conditions they may set out for users.