Decision concerning sectoral meetings held in 2019 and proposals for 2020–21

Revised on 11 June to add subparagraph (ii) adopted by correspondence

Record of decisions | 11 June 2020

The Governing Body:

(i) through delegation of authority, approved the publication and dissemination by the Office of the guidelines on the promotion of decent work and road safety in the transport sector and of the summary record of the proceedings of the Meeting of Experts to Adopt Guidelines on the Promotion of Decent Work and Road Safety in the Transport Sector, which was held in Geneva from 23 to 27 September 2019, and deferred to a later stage consideration of other items included in the draft decision of document GB.338/POL/3; 

(ii) decided by correspondence:

(a) to appoint, for each of the technical meetings listed in paragraph 7 of document GB.338/POL/3(Rev.1), one of its members as Chairperson on a rotating basis between the three groups or, in the absence of a candidate one month prior to the meeting, to request the Office to select as Chairperson an independent person with expertise on the matters covered by the agenda and to notify the meeting accordingly; and

(b) to endorse the proposals contained in Appendix I to document GB.338/POL/3 (Rev.1), relating to the dates, duration, official title, purpose and composition of the meetings listed therein.

(GB.338/POL/3(Rev.1), paragraph 11, as amended by the Governing Body)