Update on the United Nations reform

This document -for information only- reviews developments in the reform of the United Nations development system since the Governing Body’s last discussion of this topic at its 335th Session (March 2019).

Meeting document | 02 March 2020
It assesses the implementation by the Office of previous Governing Body decisions with particular attention to the status of work under the Office Plan of Action 2019–20 to maximize the opportunities of the United Nations development system reform for the ILO and tripartite constituents endorsed by the Governing Body at its 335th Session.

It highlights, inter alia, steps taken to facilitate engagement of United Nations resident coordinators and United Nations Country Teams with ILO constituents at country level in the formulation and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks, in particular on the Sustainable Development Goals that are relevant to the ILO’s mandate.

It also reviews the steps taken to ensure the linkages between cooperation frameworks and ILO Decent Work Country Programmes. Early experiences with the new resident coordinator system are highlighted.