14–28 March 2019

Institutional Section (INS)


  1. Replacement of the Chairperson of the Governing Body (for the period March–June 2019)

  2. 1

    Approval of the minutes of the 334th Session of the Governing Body

  3. 2

    Agenda of the International Labour Conference:

  4. 3

    Revised plan of action on social dialogue and tripartism for the period 2019–23 to give effect to the conclusions adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2018 (GB.335/INS/3(Rev.))

  5. 4

    Review of annual reports under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

  6. 5

    The Standards Initiative: Overall review of its implementation

  7. 6

    Progress report on the implementation of the Enterprises Initiative (GB.335/INS/6(Rev.))

  8. 7

    Standing orders for tripartite meetings: Introductory note

  9. 8

    Report of the 19th American Regional Meeting (Panama City, 2–5 October 2018)

  10. 9

    ILO-wide strategy for institutional capacity development

  11. 10

    Update on the United Nations reform

  12. 11

    Decent work for sustainable development

  13. 12

    Follow-up to the resolution concerning remaining measures on the subject of Myanmar adopted by the Conference at its 102nd Session (2013)

  14. 13

    Reports of the Committee on Freedom of Association

  15. 14

    Report of the Director-General

  16. 15

    Reports of the Officers of the Governing Body

  17. 16

    Composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings