Publications and documents

January 2005

  1. UN General Assembly adopts Resolution on World Commision Report on Fair Globalization

    01 January 2005

    UN General Assembly adopted by concensus a resolution recognizing the contribution of the World Commission's report to achieving a fully inclusive and equitable globalization.

  2. The European Commission

    01 January 2005

    The European Commission's social agenda for 2005-2010 endorsed the World Commission's call for decent work to become a global goal, and a follow-up to the report is on the agenda of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Council.

  3. Taking a Fresh Look at Globalization

    01 January 2005

    A recent contribution by Gerry Rodgers has been recently published by Development 2005, 48(1) (40-43). In it, the author summarizes the process and recommendation of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization

  4. Key Indicators 2005: Labor markets in Asia: Promoting full, productive and decent employment

    01 January 2005

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) released its report in August 2005. In the accompanying press release, the ADB noted that the objectives of full, productive, and decent employment must become central to policymaking in the Asian region.

December 2004

  1. European Council Meeting

    01 December 2004

    Specific reference to the Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalisation was made in the conclusions of the European Council Meeting at the level of Heads of Government, December 2004. In paragraph 53 the European Council underlined the importance of strengthening the social dimension of globalisation in the light of the report and the initial proposals made by the Commission in its communication on the issue.

November 2004

  1. A trade union guide to globalisation

    01 November 2004

    This “Trade Union Guide to Globalisation” aims to help trade unionists to participate actively in the urgent task of meeting the double challenge of representing workers effectively in the rapidly changing conditions of the global economy, and of bringing about fundamental change in the workings of globalisation so that it distributes its benefits more fairly and contributes to socially just and sustainable development.

October 2004

  1. Cambodia blazes a new path to economic growth and job creation

    01 October 2004

    This paper describes the Cambodia experiment where the country's export apparel factories, working conditions and labour rights are monitored by inspectors from the ILO. This experiment combines roles for local and international actors in previously untried ways. It relies on a combination of private self-regulation with limited but essential interventions by governments and international organizations.

  2. World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization - Relevance for the Media, Culture, Graphical Sector

    01 October 2004

    Power point presentation to the Tripartite meeting

August 2004

  1. The Changing Role of Labour Ministries: Influencing Labour, Employment and Social Policy

    01 August 2004

    In relation to the debate on good governance and effective government role, this paper is a contribution to the on-going discussion about the changing role of labour ministries.

July 2004

  1. The Fantasy of Fair Globalization

    11 July 2004

    The world is witnessing, for the last several years, extensive resistance against the economic onslaught of the latest phase of capitalism, known as neo-liberal globalization. The World Commission report on Social Dimension of Globalization is considered in this present article as as a formal recognition of the unfair and inhuman character of globalization.

June 2004

  1. A fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy

    01 June 2004

    This was the ILO report for the General Discussion on Migrant Workers at the 92nd Session of the International Labour Conference, June 2004. It is a flagship report reviewing trends in international labour migration, conditions and treatment of migrant workers, international instruments, governance of migration and ILO responses.

  2. Towards a healthy multilateral system

    01 June 2004

    The globalisation of recent decades has been associated with worsening income inequality, increasing violations of fundamental workers’ rights, environmental degradation and enduring poverty.

May 2004

  1. Communication from the European Commission COM (2004) 383 final The social Dimension of Globalisation - the EU's policy contribution on extending the benefits to all

    18 May 2004

    The EU's economic and social model, and the Lisbon strategy which translates it into practice, cannot simply be transposed to other parts of the world. Nevertheless, the World Commission on Social Dimension of GLobalization has highlighted a number of aspects of the model which may be of interest to the Union's partners.

  2. Job Anxiety Is Real - and It's Global

    01 May 2004

    The past decade have produced a huge global oversupply of labor and intense competition for an expanding array of jobs. More international cooperation are needed on competition policy and in targeting full employment at a global level.

  3. The Social Dimension of Globalisation - the EU's policy contribution

    01 May 2004

    This document briefly describes the range of actions undertaken in the framework of the European Union regarding the social dimension of globalization and makes proposals for change. It is intended to be a first contribution to the debate launched by the release of the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization and it touches upon Europe's experience with regional integration.

April 2004

  1. ILO report on Social Dimension of Globalisation — One more attempt to save the world

    01 April 2004

    The ILO, through its World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalisation, has joined the public discourse on ameliorating the lot of the poor and reducing the imbalances of globalisation.

March 2004

  1. Social development in the context of globalisation

    15 March 2004

    The European Union encourages social development in the context of globalisation. The European Commission calls for the promotion of internationally recognised core labour standards and the development of a balance between market governance and social governance.

  2. The International Aid System 2005–2010 Forces For and Against Change

    01 March 2004

    In the context of a development of international aid and the target to improve the effectivenes of aid delivery, this paper examines forces and scenarios in international aid system.

February 2004

  1. The Cross-Border Movement of People

    29 February 2004

    This article examines the theme of migration from the perspective of the report of the World Commission of Social dimension of Globalisation. The movement of natural persons across national borders has been increasingly recognized as a source for the greatest potential economic gains for developing countries.

  2. Reform of the Financial Architecture

    29 February 2004

    In addition to the systemic fault in the financial architecture of today, the report of the World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization notes that gains from trade can be set back by financial instability and crises. the report of the World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization adds its voice to the need for reform of the international financial system.