Publications and documents

February 2007

  1. Declaration of Mexico: People and their work at the heart of globalization

    12 February 2007

    The Ministers participating in the XIV Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML) of the Organization of American States, met in Mexico City, Mexico, on September 26 and 27, 2005, to address issues related to the social and labor dimensions of globalization in the Americas, recognizing the value of work and the dignity of those who perform it.

  2. Regional policy workshop on generating sustainable livelihoods for human security

    12 February 2007

    This workshop established clear linkages between sustainable livelihoods and human security in a context of globalization to identify recommendations that will include a human security orientation in current policies and programmes for poverty reduction and social development.

  3. The ILO Fourteenth Asian Regional Meeting: Realizing decent work in Asia

    12 February 2007

    The tripartite constituents of the countries of the region commit to the achievement of specific decent work outcomes in accordance with their respective national circumstances and priorities, and to cooperate on specific initiatives at the regional level where joint action and sharing of knowledge and expertise will contribute to making decent work a reality by 2015.

  4. Making decent work a global goal: Recent developments and a proposal for a Globalization Policy Forum

    12 February 2007

    The Working Party on the Social Dimension of Globalization discussed the consequences of the current international financial system for enterprises and workers and how improved policy coherence between different international organizations including the international financial agencies could enhance growth, investment and decent work. It discussed the idea of a Globalization Policy Forum to be held in 2007 to which the tripartite ILO could invite key partners in the multilateral system and others sharing a commitment to advancing policies for a fair globalization and decent work for all.

  5. Interview of Maximiliano Cox, Director of the FAO Rural Development division

    08 February 2007

    In this interview Mr. Maximiliano Cox, Director of the FAO Rural Development Division gives an insight on the future collaborations between FAO and ILO in the framework of the issues raised by the report prepared by the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalization and entitled "A Fair Globalization: creating opportunities for all."

January 2007

  1. Comprehensive social policies for development in a globalizing world

    29 January 2007

    A growing number of governments, institutions and researchers in both Global South and North are convinced that we need comprehensive social policies in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and broader development objectives. In other words, broad social policy is needed for establishing and securing structures for redressing poverty, inequality and conflict. The idea of a socio-economic floor is presented as a component of the social policies to promote.

December 2006

  1. Is globalisation stealing EU jobs?

    14 December 2006

    The flooding onto the EU market of cheap shoes and textiles from China in recent months has brought home to Europeans that their traditional industries may be under threat in a globalised world. EU initiatives are needed to provide adequate resources for retraining and income support for workers affected by global production shifts.

  2. The European Globalisation adjustment Fund (EGF)

    13 December 2006

    The European Globalisation adjustment Fund (EGF) is a new instrument which will provide personalised support to workers who have been made redundant as a result of trade liberalisation, so that they can either remain in employment or find quickly a new job.

  3. Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Globalisation adjustment Fund

    13 December 2006

    The European globalisation adjustment fund (EGF) is created to help the workers made redundant in the EU as a result of trade liberalisation. The European globalisation adjustment fund (EGF) is expected to pay out up to €500m a year in financial support to help people find new jobs.

September 2006

  1. Istanbul Declaration on Integrated and Coherent Employment Strategies in the Face of Globalization

    12 September 2006

    Declaration adopted by Ministers and Heads of Delegations at the Sub-regional Conference of South-East European countries on “Employment Strategies in the Face of Globalization”

  2. Let us pledge to stop war

    01 September 2006

    This article quotes the World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization and its recommendations to reduce the widening wealth gap between and within the countries.

  3. The Future of the WTO

    01 September 2006

    This paper analyzes the causes of the recent failure and identifies key objectives that must be addressed when talks resume. It explains that the WTO remains indispensable and will survive. However historical patterns and the political calendar suggest that the Doha Round may not be completed until 2009 or thereafter.

  4. Costing of basic social protection benefits for selected Asian countries: First results of a modelling exercise Issues in Social Protection Discussion Paper 17

    01 September 2006

    This study, outcome of joint ILO/DfID collaboration, offers a first estimate on the feasibility of basic social protection in low-income countries in Asia with a view to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and as a contribution to the construction of a Global socio-economic floor.

August 2006

  1. Cash benefits in low-income countries: Simulating the effects of poverty reduction for Senegal and Tanzania

    01 August 2006

    Issues in Social Protection Discussion paper 15. The study, outcome of joint ILO/DfID collaboration, provided a simulation on the introduction of basic social cash transfer programmes on household welfare, poverty incidence and depth in two African countries: Senegal and Tanzania. The objective was to provide evidence that a minimum socio-economic floor has a positive impact on poverty reduction.

June 2006

  1. Global Report 2006: The End of Child Labour: Within Reach

    07 June 2006

    As part of the ILO core labour standards, the elimination of child labour is a target of the World Commission report on the social dimension of globalization. This ILO’s Global Report on Child Labour presents a new global agenda to the elimination of child labour.

May 2006

  1. Communication from the European Commission Promoting decent work for all. The EU contribution to the implementation of the decent work agenda in the world COM (2006) 249

    24 May 2006

    In this Communication, the Commission proposes strategies for ensuring that EU policy and action play a greater part in promoting the decent work agenda. These strategies involve strengthening cooperation between the European institutions, the Member States and all the relevant stakeholders.

March 2006

  1. External Openness and Employment: The Need for Coherent International and National Policies.

    16 March 2006

    After having briefly reviewed the recent experiences with trade liberalization the paper argues that the effects of financial liberalization on employment and incomes often carry great disturbances for economic and social development. Therefore, financial liberalization warrants at least as much attention as trade liberalization. The paper weights the potential benefits in terms of growth against the adverse effects of volatility and crises that are frequently associated with financial liberalization, and in particular with debt and portfolio flows

  2. Winners and Losers: Impact of the Doha Round on Developing Countries

    01 March 2006

    While global trade rules should take into account the need for economically less advanced countries to build up their own capacities, World trade negotiations appear to be stalemated.

January 2006

  1. Labour and social trends in Asia and the Pacific 2006 : progress towards decent work

    01 January 2006

    As making decent work a key goal of economic policy is a recommendation of the World Commission report on social dimension of globalization, the current report aims to present major trends in employment and social conditions in the world's most populous and dynamic region, and to measure progress in decent work.

  2. External Openess and Employment: The Need for Coherant National and International Policies

    01 January 2006

    Paper presented to the Technical Meeting of the Group 24 Developing Country Finance Ministers