Newsletter and Think Pieces


  1. Ratings Systems in International Evaluation

    03 January 2013

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 3 - January 2013 -- This Think Piece, co-written by Ms. Kanika Arora (Maxwell School, Syracuse University) and Mr. William Trochim (Cornell University), explores the challenges of ratings in international evaluation. The paper discusses validity, reliability, choice of criteria and indicators. It was written with a particular focus for use by ILO Officials working in evaluation.


  1. i-eval Flash News - No. 5, Aug/Sep 2012

    02 October 2012

    This newsletter covers the Arab States region and provides an article on Sector 1, NORMES on indigenous people.

  2. National Evaluation Systems: Engaging ILO Social Partners

    29 June 2012

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 2 - June 2012 -- This Think Piece, written by Mr. Tim Dyce, reviews ways in which the ILO can improve its collaboration with national evaluation systems to enhance the engagement of the social partners and ILO constituents.

  3. i-eval Flash News, No. 4 - May, 2012

    01 May 2012

    This newsletter covers the region of Asia and Sector 4, Better Work.

  4. Lessons learned: Utilizing lessons learned from project evaluations in policy decision making

    06 March 2012

    i-eval THINK Piece, No. 1 - June, 2012 -- Written by Dr. Ralf Maurer, this paper was commissioned to help EVAL review ways to increase the use of evaluation lessons learned by ILO decision-makers.

  5. i-eval Flash News, No. 3 - February 2012

    23 February 2012

    This newsletter covers the Africa region and provides an article on Sector 2, Social Finance.


  1. i-eval Flash News, No. 2 - October 2011

    31 October 2011

    This newsletter covers the Americas region and features an article on RBSA allocations and evaluation.

  2. i-eval Flash news, No. 1 - July 2011

    21 July 2011

    This first newsletter covers the 2011-2015 evaluation strategy and the new i-eval Resource Kit.