Project evaluations


  1. HIV/AIDS Prevention and impact mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa (Mid-Term Evaluation Summary)

    17 December 2008

    Project INT/05/08/SID - Evaluation consultant Asmita Naik

  2. Local socio-economic recovery in war-affected areas of South Lebanon (Final Evaluation Summary)

    15 December 2008

    Project LEB/07/01/UND - Evaluation Team: Roel Hakemulder (Team Leader) and Hala Dakhil

  3. Global compact and safety and health: Improving occupational safety and health in the supply chain - A public-private partnerships project between ILO, Volkswagen and GTZ (Final Evaluation Summary)

    06 December 2008

    TC/SYMBOL INT/04/27/GTZ - Evaluation Team: Petra Künkel (team leader), Schirin Yachkaschi and Vera Fricke, all from Collective Leadership Institute

  4. Promoting youth employment in Latin America (PREJAL) (Mid Term Evaluation Summary)

    02 December 2008

    Project RLA/05/05/SPA - Evaluation Team: José Carlos Galdo and Arancha Villarejo

  5. Support to sustainable rural infrastructure development services for poverty reduction in the Asia Pacific Region - ASIST AP (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 December 2008

    Project RAS/04/12/SID - Evaluation consultant: Ulf Brudefors

  6. Boosting youth employment using an integrated approach in the framework of DWCPs in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan (Mid-Term Evaluation Summary)

    01 December 2008

    Project RER/06/52/NET - Evaluation team: Wolfgang Schwegler-Rohmeis, Aida Jamangulova, and Elchin Maharamov

  7. Combating and preventing HIV/AIDS induced child labour in Sub-Saharan Africa – Pilot action in Uganda and Zambia (Final Evaluation Summary)

    04 November 2008

    Project RAF/04/57/USA - Evaluation Team: Mei Zegers, Basil W. Wanzira (Uganda)

  8. Economic and social empowerment of returned victims of trafficking (Mid Term Evaluation Summary)

    15 October 2008

    Project RAS/05/03/HSF - Evaluation consultant: Keith Jeddere-Fisher

  9. Supporting the Time-Bound Programme against WFCL (TECL) in South Africa and laying the basis for concerted action in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland - Final Evaluation - (Mid term Evaluation Summary)

    14 October 2008

    Project RAF/03/50/USA - Evaluation Team: Yasmin Jessie Turton, Richard Kamidza

  10. Combating forced labour and trafficking of Indonesian migrant workers (Phase I) (Final Evaluation Summary)

    09 October 2008

    Project INS/06/10/NOR - Evaluation consultant: Stephen Schmidt

  11. Youth employment network YEN/SIDA Project (Mid-Term Evaluation Summary)

    09 September 2008

    Project INT/06/06/SID - Evaluation group: Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT), Shropshire, UK

  12. Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the World of Work: A tripartite response in India (PHASE II) (Final Evaluation Summary)

    05 September 2008

    Project IND/05/01/UNA - Evaluation consultant: Mei Zegers

  13. Poverty reduction through decent employment creation in Ethiopia (Mid Term Evaluation Summary)

    05 September 2008

    Project ETH/06/50/NET - Evaluation consultant: Maureen Wang’ati

  14. Strengthening industrial relations and labour law compliance in Morocco (Final Evaluation Summary)

    04 September 2008

    Project MOR/01/50/USA

  15. Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning Project (IRAP) – Sri Lanka: A Component of UNOPS’ Community Access Programming (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 September 2008

    Project SRL/07/02/ONU

  16. Promoting sound industrial relations at the workplace and strengthening the capacity of industrial relations actors in Viet Nam: PHASE 2 (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 September 2008

    Project VIE/06/01/NOR

  17. ILO/BDS Zambia: Developing Business Service Markets for Micro and Small Enterprises in Zambia (Final Evaluation Summary)

    14 August 2008

    Project ZAM/03/01/SID

  18. Support to development and implementation of time bound measures against worst forms of child labour in Zambia (Mid Term Evaluation Summary)

    06 August 2008

    Project ZAM/06/50/USA - Evaluation consultants: Joy Stephens and Mpala Nkonkomalimba

  19. Papua Indigenous Peoples Empowerment (PIPE) Project: Reducing Poverty and Strengthening Peace and Development Mechanisms involving Indigenous Peoples in Papua and West Papua – Indonesia (Final Evaluation Summary)

    12 July 2008

    Project INS/04/01/HSF - Evaluation consultant: Robert Hewat

  20. Combating the worst forms of child labour in Ecuador: Supporting the Time-Bound Programme (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 July 2008

    Project: ECU/05/50/USA Evaluation Consultants: Marta Picado Mesén, Team leader; Martha oncada, National Consultant