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    Non-standard forms of employment

    Strengthening social protection for the future of work—extending the social security to workers in non-standard employment

    19 March 2019

    Europe has been experiencing a growing diversification in working arrangements, as exemplified through the decline of standard employment and the significant growth of non-standard forms of employment. These developments were discussed at a recent Conference "Automation, jobs and the future of work: understanding political and economic consequences" organized by the New Direction Foundation.

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    Decent Work Country Programmes

    ILO signs new cooperation agreements with three countries from the Western Balkans

    14 March 2019

    ILO signed three new Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs) with Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia on 6-8 March, 2019. The agreements define ILO’s technical assistance for the next four years addressing key labour market and social protection challenges in the three countries. The programmes also support the countries’ EU accession negotiations on employment and social policies.

  3. News

    Russia Ratifies ILO Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention

    26 February 2019

    On 26 February 2019, the Russian Federation deposited with the ILO the instruments of ratification of the Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102).

  4. New project

    Interview with Mr. Nicola Bertolini, Head of Cooperation in the EU Delegation to the Republic of North Macedonia

    20 February 2019

    The EU signed its 2nd grant agreement with the ILO in North Macedonia. The intervention will improve social dialogue as a means to create more and better jobs in the country. The project duration is 30 months with a budget of 1.18 Mio EUR.

  5. Informal employment

    ILO helps Ukraine to reduce undeclared work

    20 February 2019

    Tackling informal employment is a priority of the Ukrainian Government and ILO has been supporting the country since 2016 in fighting undeclared work. Recently Government came out with new data showing that undeclared work is in decline and that enrollment in the social security system is significantly increasing.

  6. Social dialogue

    Strengthening workers’ voices—ILO trains trade union leaders and lawyers

    19 February 2019

    Trade unions across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) experience that the rights of workers are under threat and have voiced concerns over attempts to undermine organized labour. Although the region has an impressive track record of ratifications of ILO Core Conventions, the concerns over the lack of implementation of laws and lack of access to workers’ rights remain. ILO ACTRAV organized a seminar for trade union leaders and lawyers from CEE on the use of International Labour Standards and the ILO supervisory machinery in addressing deficiencies of workers’ rights on 26-28 November, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

  7. Tripartite consultation and forced labour

    Malta renews commitment toward International Labour Standards

    14 February 2019

    Malta ratifies the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), as well as of the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930

  8. Publication

    Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Sector in Serbia

    13 February 2019

  9. Publication

    Occupational safety and health in the mining industry in Ukraine

    12 February 2019

  10. Forced labour

    Ireland joins efforts to combat forced labour

    04 February 2019

    Ireland has ratified the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930, becoming the 29th ILO Member State to do so.