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  1. Publication

    Perspectives of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth on decent work opportunities and challenges in Kosovo

    05 November 2018

    The study details the perspectives and experiences of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth from the municipalities of Gjakovë/Djakovica, Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje and Gracanica/Graçanicë on their challenges and opportunities in finding decent work. The findings and recommendations will serve to underpin the development of gender-sensitive measures for labour market inclusion of the three communities in the three municipalities covered by the study.

  2. © ILO/Márton Kovács 2018

    The future of work

    What does the digital future hold for Serbia?

    05 November 2018

    Organized with ILO assistance, the first annual conference following up on the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans examined opportunities of a knowledge-based economy in Serbia.

  3. Extension of Social Security - Working Paper - ESS 63

    Reversing pension privatization: Rebuilding public pension systems in Eastern European and Latin American countries (2000-18)

    31 October 2018

  4. © ILO/Márton Kovács 2018

    Youth employment

    Teaching modern vocations: a visit to the Hungarian VET system

    30 October 2018

    On 27 September, 2018, a group of ILO constituents from the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine, participants of the ILO Regional Research Seminar, visited the Budapest Complex Center of Vocational Training (BCCVT) and Manfréd Weiss Vocational School, situated in an industrial complex outside Budapest. Participants gained an insight into Hungary’s TVET-system and specifically into the innovative teaching methods applied at this school.

  5. Extension of Social Security - Working Paper - ESS 66

    Reversing privatization and re-nationalizing pensions in Hungary

    30 October 2018

  6. Extension of Social Security - Working Paper - ESS 67

    Reversing pension privatization in Kazakhstan

    30 October 2018

  7. Extension of Social Security - Working Paper - ESS 68

    Reversing pension privatization: The case of Polish pension reform and re-reforms

    30 October 2018

  8. Regional training for constituents

    How do I promote decent work?—Constituents’ voices

    29 October 2018

    On 25-28 September, 2018 the ILO brought together a group of its constituents in Central and Eastern Europe for a training on key labour market and social policy issues in the region. The objective of the training was to provide participants with the latest evidence in order to support them in their role as advocates for the decent work agenda.

  9. Event

    1st International Conference on the OSH in Construction

  10. Event

    Training for trainers “Training on Inspection techniques and soft skills to detect and deter undeclared work”