Statements and speeches

May 2023

  1. ILO Director-General highlights the European social model as a geopolitical lever

    27 May 2023

    Speaking at the Porto Social Forum, the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO) commended the European Union (EU) for its leading role in promoting international labour standards and the integration of occupational safety and health conventions.

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    Statement by ILO Director-General to European Trade Union Confederation

    24 May 2023

    ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo highlighted the urgent need for a Global Coalition for Social Justice and the critical role of the European Trade Unions in championing workers' rights, addressing inequalities, and promoting decent work amidst global crisis and technological transformations.

  3. Time to prioritize social justice

    01 May 2023

    Gilbert F. Houngbo, Director-General of the International Labour Organization

February 2022

  1. The impact of digital and climate transitions on the labour market

    15 February 2022

    In a video statement to the EU labour ministers of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO), ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, addresses the “need to accelerate and to steer the transition to a greener, more sustainable, more digital economy”.

August 2021

  1. ILO Office for Turkey extends its condolences to those affected by the forest fires in Turkey

    02 August 2021

May 2020

  1. May Day: The International Day of Labour: Day of labour and solidarity

    01 May 2020

February 2020

  1. The future of work and the EU’s Pillar of Social Rights

    19 February 2020

    The values of the ILO and those of the Pillar of Social Rights are closely aligned, directing us towards a future of work that is fair and inclusive, the ILO Director-General has said in a speech to the European Economic and Social Committee.

  2. We need leap in policy not faith

    19 February 2020

    Europe’s Green Deal has to pass the test of credibility, says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder at a green jobs conference co-organized by the European and Croatian Parliaments.

  3. Greater efforts needed to achieve SDG targets

    11 February 2020

    Speaking at the University of Helsinki, the ILO Director-General told an audience from the Sustainability Foundation that a lack of credible action on the SDG’s risked damaging the credibility of national and multilateral institutions.

  4. Ryder salutes Finland’s contribution to ILO’s work

    11 February 2020

    Since joining the ILO in December 1920, Finland has contributed to various areas of ILO’s work. Speaking at a seminar to celebrate the Centenary of Finland’s membership of the ILO, Ryder said that it has been a two-way street.