February 2024

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    My work with earthquake survivors in Türkiye gives me purpose

    06 February 2024

    When multiple earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023, Jin Dawod set to work matching survivors with therapists through her platform Peace Therapist. A Syrian refugee living in Türkiye, she knows first-hand how critical psycho-social support is to help people recover from trauma.

January 2024

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    How entrepreneurship helps me stay resilient in Ukraine

    25 January 2024

    Alla Zhuravel runs her husband’s business in Ukraine while he serves with the armed forces. She also teaches entrepreneurship skills to Ukrainians whose livelihoods have been affected by the ongoing conflict. It’s rewarding work and it helps to sustain her.

December 2023

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    Together we can make disability inclusion happen

    07 December 2023

    Güler Koca is a Human Rights lawyer and a diversity and inclusion expert. She speaks five languages, runs marathons and has learnt to fly a plane. Gula also has a visual impairment. She shares the story of her path towards job success.

November 2023

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    Work gives me my independence

    13 November 2023

    Rafael Martirosyan has Down syndrome. He says his volunteer work and job at his family’s bakery business in Armenia give his life meaning. Rafael’s dream is to open a café that welcomes people with disabilities.

June 2023

  1. © Victoria García / ILO 2024

    A just transition to a new, greener life

    05 June 2023

    Cristina Carro lost her job as a quarry truck driver when the coal mines in Spain shut down as part of the government's commitment to fight climate change. A government-led “just transition” project helped Cristina find a new job, restoring a dis-used mine to its natural setting.

February 2023

  1. © FEU 2024

    "We sincerely want to help people, and make them feel hopeful"

    23 February 2023

    Ella Albanska’s company participated in packaging and distribution of food for families in need, many of them fleeing from areas affected by the war. With ILO support, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine organized a country-wide effort to engage Ukrainian companies in the manufacturing of humanitarian aid packages.

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    "We prepare hot dishes and deliver them in the neighbourhoods where there is no gas and electricity"

    23 February 2023

    Before the war Oleksii Aleksandrov was one of the partners of an ILO-supported training programme for chefs de cuisine in Kherson. After the outbreak of the war, he joined other professionals preparing warm meals for people without gas or electricity, and for families fleeing from regions under military attacks. The ILO provided financial support for this local humanitarian aid programme with the funding coming from the Government of Denmark.

  3. © Ivanna Khrapko 2024

    "I could have left, but I stayed"

    23 February 2023

    Ivanna Khrapko, Ukrainian trade unionist, launched a volunteer initiative after the war broke out to help internally displaced Ukrainians. The ILO assisted trade union efforts and provided support to cover 7,750 bednights and daily food packages for people fleeing the war.

November 2022

  1. © AndreyPopov 2024

    The new EU Directive on minimum wage sets a dual goal

    16 November 2022

    In seeking to reduce working poverty and inequality, it focuses on improving the adequacy of statutory minimum wages as well as the promotion of collective bargaining.

  2. © Nedim Omeragić / ILO 2024

    Entrepreneur turns problems into profit

    07 November 2022

    When COVID-19 hit, Merima Kukić Gego’s future looked bleak. Her traineeship had ended and her options in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina looked like unemployment or migration. But instead she found the drive to start a food and tourism business, employing and economically empowering other local women.