1. Characterizing the school-to-work transitions of young men and women: Evidence from the ILO School-to-work transition surveys

    02 June 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 51

  2. Employment Diagnostic Analysis on Malawi

    01 June 2010

    Prepared for the Government of Malawi by Professor Dick Durevall and Dr. Richard Mussa, with assistance from the International Labour Organisation

  3. Demographic ageing and employment in China

    28 May 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 57

  4. Demographic ageing and employment in India

    31 March 2010

    This paper looks at the employment and unemployment situations of older persons in India.

  5. Employment and social protection in the new demographic context

    13 March 2010


  1. Energy, Jobs and Skills: A rapid assessment of potential in Mtwara, Tanzania

    10 November 2009

    Special Paper 09.32, Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  2. A rapid impact assessment of the global economic crisis on Liberia

    05 November 2009

    Prepared for the Republic of Liberia with technical assistance from Professor James Heintz and the International Labour Organization

  3. Decent Work Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies and National Development Frameworks

    21 October 2009

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 5

  4. Rethinking monetary and financial policy : practical suggestions for monitoring financial stability while generating employment and poverty reduction

    01 September 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 37

  5. The global economic crisis and developing countries: transmission channels, fiscal and policy space and the design of national responses

    01 September 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 36

  6. Guide to the new Millennium Development Goals Employment indicators : including the full decent work indicator set

    10 July 2009

  7. Building rural roads

    09 July 2009

    The purpose of this manual is to provide technical staff ranging from site supervisors to engineers with a technical reference which details commonly used work methods and best practices for constructing rural roads. It describes all phases of works management from the initial stages of identification and design, through technical planning, work organization, works implementation procedures, site administration, to reporting and control.

  8. Republic of Liberia - Ministry of Labour - EMPLOYMENT POLICY, 2009

    01 April 2009

    A National Employment Policy

  9. The informal economy in Africa: Promoting transition to formality: Challenges and strategies

    01 January 2009


  1. Building the Case for Business Collaboration on Youth Employment: Good Practice from West Africa

    11 June 2008

    This report, which examines eight case studies of intersectoral partnership on youth employment, illustrates the importance of collective action to build partnerships between public and private insitutions, harnessing each of their core capabilities and recognising that they are critical to each others capacity.

  2. Joining Forces with Young People: A Practical Guide to Collaboration for Youth Employment

    01 April 2008

    This publication provides guidance for other stakeholders, primarily governments, on engaging with youth. Through highlighting good practices on youth participation, empowerment and capacity building in relation to youth employment policymaking, it demonstrates the added value of youth involvement.

  3. The impact of macroeconomic change on employment in the retail sector in India : policy implications for growth, sectoral change and employment

    01 March 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 16

  4. School-to-work-transitions in Mongolia

    20 February 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 14

  5. School-to-work transition : evidence from Nepal

    05 February 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 10

  6. The impact of globalization and macroeconomic change on employment in Mauritius : what next in the post-MFA era?

    01 February 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 9