Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP)- Fourth Expert Group Meeting

Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP) No. 10

Record of proceedings | 01 January 2004
The International Labour Organization Advisory Support Information Services and Training
for Asia and the Pacific (ILO ASIST-AP) oversees the regional application of the Integrated
Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) procedure. IRAP is a simple, relatively inexpensive and
user-friendly planning tool designed to help local government units identify access
improvement rural infrastructure investments. The application has covered several
developing countries in a span of over 12 years and has generated a number of practitioners
and experts scattered in the region. A series of meetings were held to establish a network
among IRAP-covered countries, provide a forum for sharing information and lessons learnt,
and guide ILO ASIST AP in conducting follow-through actions. The first three meetings
confirmed the usefulness of the ILO-developed local level planning tool as applied in
different forms of government and in various levels of decision-making.
This 4th experts’ meeting aimed to better understand how the procedure can be
mainstreamed and institutionalized while at the same time encourage participation and
consensus building in improving the rural households’ access to basic goods, services and
facilities. It has also been established that access to basic services can describe levels of
poverty, and so IRAP is likewise seen as an alternative tool in identifying and implementing
development programs to address rural poverty.