Manual for supervision of labour-based road rehabilitation works

Instructional material | Zambia | 01 January 2005
This manual is based on experiences from the Feeder Road Programmes in Zambia and Tanzania and is specifically developed for use in Zambia and Tanzania. Target groups, which this manual aims to reach, are road works supervisors employed by the District Councils and road works supervisors employed by private contractors or consultants. The purpose of the manual is to provide supervisors of labour-based road construction works with an easy step by step guide, which at the end, will ensure that the road works are carried out to the specified standards, not only in respect of quality of works, but also in respect of construction methodology used. The aim of this manual is NOT to provide another guide on labour-based road construction techniques, but it aims at highlighting important aspects of Labour Based Technology, which should be remembered by the technician or engineer, who is responsible for or engaged in the supervision of the construction of a road built by labour-based technology. The Manual is designed